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Debt news for week beginning 9th August

Scottish protected trust deed is just one of the debt solutions available to Scottish residents who are seeking debt relief.  An effective alternative to claiming bankruptcy, a protected trust deed is comparable to an IVA.

There are two types of trust deeds available to those seeking Scottish debt solutions: an unprotected and a protected trust deed.  Unprotected means that only those creditors who agree to the terms of the Scottish IVA arrangement are prevented from contacting you regarding your debt.  Under a protected trust deed arrangement, all of your creditors are protected from contacting you for the duration of the agreement, and may not start claiming bankruptcy proceedings against you.

Posted on August 9th: Claiming bankruptcy may be the debt relief Duchess Sarah Ferguson requires

Claiming bankruptcy may be the best action for Sarah Ferguson, a financial advisor has reportedly told Britain's royal family.

Fergie's pursuit of effective debt assistance has been well-reported in recent months and now sources have told the Sunday Telegraph that the royal family should be prepared for the Duchess needing to become the first senior royal to have to seek debt relief like this.

Posted on August 11th: Insolvency figures revealed for 2010 second quarter

The Insolvency Service has revealed statistics for the second quarter of 2010, detailing the individual insolvency claims for England, Wales and Scotland.

Insolvencies in Scotland, including Scottish trust deeds totalled over 5,000 for the second quarter of 2010.  The encouraging news for consumers is that this figure is reduced compared to the same period of 2009, suggesting that financial matters may be improving for Scottish residents.

Posted on August 12th: Mis sold PPI refunds could total £2.7bn in debt relief

PPI refunds are expected to be among the most common and popular consumer debt solutions this year, due to the high and increasing volume of claimants.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) says that two and three-quarter of a million British consumers could be refunded as much as £2.7bn in total, due to PPI claims on mis-sold insurance.

The FSA has given lenders until December 1st to adopt new rules for dealing with PPI refunds and complaints.  It said that over five years of analysis it had found: "wide and deep evidence of weaknesses in PPI sales

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